About Us

The volunteers of Hawkesbury River Response (VRA Hawkesbury) assist boaters and residents on the Hawkesbury River, 24 hours seven days per week.

The volunteer active members and subscribers to VRA Hawkesbury are residents or regular visitors to the Lower Hawkesbury River, about an hour’s train or drive north of Sydney. Our local knowledge helps us to evaluate calls for help and to respond very quickly.

Active members are qualified in many areas.

• First aid
• Marine radio communications
• Marine mechanics and electrics
• Low or no visibility navigation by radar and GPS

We maintain a marine radio base at Peat Island and hold monthly meetings for active members to train in first aid, boat navigation, marine radio use and boat maintenance.

What’s in a Call

Have you ever thought what happens when you call VRA Hawkesbury on marine radio -apart from a check of your radio performance?

  1. It means someone knows where you are and where you are going
  2. It means that if someone from home wants to contact you, you can be contacted with ease
  3. It means that someone knows when you are going home after a pleasant day out
  4. It lets your friends, who are already on the water, know where you are
  5. It lets our radio operators have a pleasant conversation with you. – it makes  them feel good as well as you
  6. It adds to our figures for the month. Without these figures it makes it look as if VRA Hawkesbury is not needed
  7. It encourages volunteer radio operators to be there to accept your calls
  8. It means that if you break down or have troubles, one call will bring help
  9. It means that if you are in trouble other people will hear you and give assistance whilst help is being organised